Movie, Novel and now in Real - The Virus That was Very True

Author: steemflow

Description: Hello Steemians & Lovely Dtubers,

Sometime our sixth sense are so strong that it makes you see things in advance. Or prepare you for some uncertain happening. Though it does not always happen to everyone and only few people posses this quality.

Recently, I came across a movie clip released on 2011 and also a Novel published on 1981 that clearly mention an outbreak of virus that could easily swap over the entire city. And such thing is happening currently around the world in form of **Cornavirous**. Two decade old novel (1981) clearly mention the epicentre to be Wuhan city of China. So accurate prediction that this time the first official loss was counted from Wuhan city only. The virus is spreading rapidly and making it mayhem for people to go out in open. First China and now Iran and also around the different country. The virus is spreading very rapid and fast.

But how it was so accurately predicted was the point of concern. Novel and Movie both were so accurate. Was it the sixth sense of the producer and author that clearly identify such deadly outbreak??

Anyhow it was very true and we need to remain safe as much as possible. So better to avoid any animal contact . Be careful.

Thanks & Namaste