When Life Throws a Challenge, Then Face it, Catch it and Move On !

Author: steemflow

Description: Hello,

Life is full of surprises, and brings a lot of amazing stuff. If anyone seen my profile of Hive/Steem it says "learn & grow".

I used that due to some specific incident in our day to day life that allows me to learn from mistakes and that help me to sharpen my skills. If you find anything worng in someone, do tell him. If that person is in positive state of mind then they must take it in correcting their fault, while if they took it negative, then you know what will happen.

Anyway, there was instance when I come into the platform, and someone told me that I will leave the platform as there was many fault in my English. But now it's been 2 and half year and I am still going on. ...i just took my hurdle as a challenge and still trying to get myself perfection on my fault.

Hopefully I will achive it sooner.

## Stay Home...Stay Safe..!!

**Namaste @steemflow**