Hive Or Life : Follow this and make both more meaningful

Author: steemflow

Description: Hello Everyone,

The one things that may spoil your happiness. And there is lot of similarity between Hive Blockchain and our Real Life. One can easily understand others mentality through their posts or through their conversation. Last night I saw a conversation where a guy was not happy and complaining that he is not ok with the platform and really feeling of jealous for others.

I quickly realize the human psychology that makes a common people disturb the moment they start comparing with others. It's human tendency that always look at others but never value the importance of what they have. There are many people who dream to big but never wanted to work and keep cursing and getting jealous about others which may spoil their entire life.

Human needs to give importance of what they have.

## Stay Home...Stay Safe !

**Namaste @steemflow**