Manage body electrolyte this summer - Eat less Drink more !

Author: steemflow

Description: Hello Everyone,

One hot summer afternoon, I was in busy street of Chandni Chowk buying stuffs. It was month of June and water is not doing any good on us. My friend suggested me to have Bear that may refresh us from the level of exahastion. I had few sip and really felt quite refresh.

Later I relaised, that we can't continue to have Alchohal all the time. Being from a conservative family, such things are not allowed. I started finding few alternative drinks that may prove to be a refresher and heat killer.

And I found many, it is not always necessary to rely on alchohal laced drinks rather opt for some home made drinks that may prove quite healthy too. Infact in Summer it's always advisable to have more fluids than liquid to prevent body dehydration.

Few alternative way that could prove good during summer and also healthy too. Infact drink more and eat less this summer.

## Stay Home..Stay Safe !!

**Namaste @steemflow**