Author: svobodni-108-zemljani

Description: W5 know EVERYthing and anything, human imagination ever wanted, also fix radiation, cure all disease and control reality, using thought synchronized with the heart.

There is a limit, that the wave can take (planet). If people don't change N0W, all will be in vain, since you have been indoctrinated to not use thoguht and understanding correctly, but in a quantized way, not teaching you the truth, so you can be used as a slave, only thinking you are free, while you are destroying your own Heart, Nature as organs reflected through the eyes outwards, viewed as reality. Every being and animal knows this, not to take more, than it is needed, and they are calm, so that they conserve and apply they're energy very precisely, not to consume more, than it is needed. Only humans have fallen into the trap of more and more, thinking, that everything belongs to them. Now all humanity will suffer the consequences of stupidity and collective idiocy. Only stopping now and working collectively towards the cleanup can fix this, putting nature before our selfish thoughts, working toward the common goal. Organizing this many people and teaching them the holiest of truths is a huge task, since people are so agitated, that they will not want to listen, categorizing all this amazing wisdom as childish, since they still think in a complicated manner and only accept complicated explanations. Simplicity will scare them, since all they're illusions about life will come down as a lie and that is truly hard to accept.

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NEO (1): "the problem is choice"