The Theory of Everything and Creation

Author: svobodni-108-zemljani

Description: Num8ers and c0l0Rs as PR1ME emotI0N as G50W5t4Y
"The Prime Creator" (0|0)
Nikola Tesla:
"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3 6 and 9, you would have the key to the Universe"
Red-Orange-Yellow ]Gr7en[ Blue-Purple-Pink

0) 1 ]2 3 {4 | 5} 6 7[ 8 (9
Add them up as palindrome an all will result 9
0+9=9; 1+8=9; 2+7=9; 3+6=9; 4+5=9; (this and colors are the only recursive information as the torus field has no end and beginning only two dark spots as emergence points to make some sense of the Universe and every force within it [ETHER modality]).

For 2000 years mankind has contemplated on it's source-code with no prevail. The problem, from my point of view is our medium or surroundings. We live in a space, where we can only perceive reality from our surroundings point of view. Man has never been able to think past, what he observes. We can state, that the words and ideas we are playing with are a product of observation, just like we are playing with LEGO pieces, yet we never think past those individual components, that make up our current EARTH-bound reality.
The question is:
Is it possible for the human brain to come up with something, that can explain everything and understand every force, reality, matter, dreams, illusions, magic, masonic wisdom, occult wisdom and every possible outcome, that can ever exist?

The answer is yes! In order to reach full explanation of everything, man must take some starting points in consideration:
- the theory must be understood by all beings, not just on Earth, but also from other star-systems and realities, even formless-matter-less lives, just like God or the Devil;
- the theory must have some information, that everyone can relate to, from the highest PHD intelligence to the lowest and stupidest beings;
- the theory must not be forced upon anyone, meaning that it must leave free will alone, so that the being can apply it in his or her reality, without limiting it's perception (not forcing it like: "this is the way it is, and you must accept it")
- the theory must include and solve everything from all mathematical problems (like the Riemann Hypothesis) to every branch of science and it MUST even present the means to cure every disease, neutralize radiation and it must fix any problem invented and not understood by man.
- the theory should accomplish man's every desire and it must make it reality, by letting man have the means to build or accomplish anything he or she may want.
- the theory must answer every question asked by a being, even what happens after death and explain how ascension is possible (the rainbow body).
- and finally, the theory must exist and not in the same time, just as it was told in all stories and riddles invented by everyone so far in our collective recorded story (not his-story, but our collective story)

From my 3 points of view what all people on this Earth neglected is LOVE! Man has came up with simplistic forms of representation like Pythagoras an Fibonacci, after which he reasoned, that he can't crack the code like that so man ventured in complicated explanations, in the same time losing itself in the division (cube reality view) process of though. So we have built particle accelerators to observe the small, finally reaching a limit, that we called the plank. Understanding we can never go beyond the singularity we ventured in the macro, by building telescopes and started to discover huge planets, spaces, stars, black holes and galaxies, observing, that all is connected like a web. Never being able to decode the micro and macro, we have lost ourselves between the two limit-boundaries, that we called plank & infinity (2.8).

Einstein division process of self as follows at the quantum level:
5/2=2.5/2=2.5/2=2.5/2=2.5/2=2.5/2=....... to infinity, until we reach the big RIP of self and so the Universe. Since we have forced our minds to view everything as energy, we have built the LHC (huge power to access small understanding) and we even attributed the name "Dark expansion Force" to the observation of the acceleration of the Universe.
(0) = (0|0) = (6/9) = (4\5) |4(4)1| |18)| |1(7)1| [(7)/2] = }(3).[5]{ (dArk) 8 [mAn]
| superposition
\ tic
/ toc
. dimension pass
}0{ Torus TH
Heart e]t}H{r[a
light & GOD 0 GOD & light 69

The Absolute = 0 = K =

Polarity blueprint secret in the visible spectrum of light:
Analog - circles (69) - O.0 V+V=W O|O = 0|0 tic-\|/-toc 0/0=Unde[Fi]ne7 (Prime Creator)
Digital - squares [45] + + 6 1 9 (1=6) 6 6 6 - AWA (AdAm - EvE) [2727 - 555] (18 - 16) ( 9- 7)

69 - Yin Yang rotation polarity shift Creation engine as t1c-t0c
SQUARE = 4Qu245 = 2+2+2+2 = A2A2A2A = 8 = INFINITY trap perception

The laws of nature change with the common belief system.