Monero Means Money: Cryptocurrency 101, Live from Leipzig (Workgroup Edit)

Author: t3chm4nia

This film was #2 in the United States for the weekend and week of April 10, 2020.

Friday 12/27: Dr. Daniel Kim speaks at the Critical Decentralisation Cluster
Friday 4/3: Idea conceived; Monero Film Workgroup assembled
Tuesday 4/7: Draft screener completed
Thursday 4/9: Added to IMDB
Friday 4/10: Premiered at Laemmle Theaters
Monday 4/13: Listed on The Numbers as the #1 weekend US box office
Tuesday 4/14: Started showing at Tampa Theatre as a part of their LIMELIGHT expert speaker series
Friday 4/17: Shown to an empty audience at Parkway Theater & Film Lounge
Monday 4/20: Became the #1 cryptocurrency documentary on IMDB
Tuesday 4/21: Decrypt article
Tuesday 4/21: Bumped down to #2 for the weekend of April 10, 2020 by Phoenix, Oregon
Wednesday 4/22: CoinDesk mention in article
Friday 4/24: Vice article
Sunday 4/26: Cointelegraph article
Friday 5/1: Film released for free

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