The Cryptonomist Academy: The importance of cryptography

Author: t3chm4nia

Description: As promised last Sunday, also this week we will publish a new video of The Cryptonomist Academy, a project born thanks to a partnership with the Swiss company Deepit AG.

In fact, to respond to the demand for guides and tutorials, last Sunday we have begun to publish videos on our YouTube channel focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, aimed at introducing this complex world to those who are approaching it.

There will be many topics covered in these videos, which will be available both in Italian and English. The videos will be shared every Sunday at noon on the YouTube channel "The Cryptonomist".

This second video, for example, talks about the importance of cryptography.
Two playlists will be created on YouTube to divide the various videos according to the language, thus increasing accessibility. At a time when we are all stuck at home, this could be a good way to learn something new.
The collaboration with Deepit AG doesn't stop with the videos alone.
By contacting us on the appropriate form, it is possible to request information on the training courses we have prepared, both for groups and individuals, which range from a basic level to more complex topics, including programming and marketing.