What is Classical Conditioning and why is it important?

Author: tanbay

Description: Welcome to my video about Psychology Basics. In this first edition I want to talk about Classical Conditioning. It is absolutely vital to understand #ClassicalConditioning so you can understand how you may have been conditioned to behave in certain situations, or to learn new information, or to live life in general. In this video I will show you the definition of Classical Conditioning, I will talk about the man who is responsible for the terminology, Ivan #Pavlov, I will introduce you to key terms as well as the main elements of Classical Conditioning and I will also show you an example that will make you remember Classical Conditioning.

As I mention in the video, for this class project I want you to think of a time when you may have been conditioned and I want you to think about how this influenced your actions and your life. You can write this down on a piece of paper if you like and there is no need to show this to me, or to anyone, unless you want to, of course.

00:00 - 00:31 Classical Conditioning Intro
00:32 - 01:47 Classical Conditioning Definition + #IvanPavlov
01:48 - 04:18 Classical Conditioning Key Terms
04:19 - 06:17 The Little Albert Experiment
06:18 - 07:45 Main Elements
07:46 - 11:13 Contributions

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