The SHOCKING Impact of Divorce on Children

Author: tanbay

Description: I recently read the book ‘The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce: The 25 Year Landmark Study’ by Judith S. Wallenstein, Julia M. Lewis and Sandra Blakeslee and this is the most important book I have read so far (being a child of #divorce myself).

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I learned a lot reading this book and I believe this book can change the lives of children of #divorce all over the world. There are many things in this book that really surprised me, for example this sentence: ‘The day my parents divorced is the day my childhood ended.’

It seems so obvious now, but I never considered that a divorce can have such a strong impact on the child's entire life, even when the person is an adult in their late 30s or even 40s. I was also really surprised by the number of parents and children who basically got trapped in what I’d call ‘divorce mode’ and never escaped it. These individuals then go through life making the wrong decisions over and over again, without ever learning from their mistakes or realizing that they are trapped in a way of thinking that has been clearly dominated by past events.

But it also needs to be said that some of these children had a remarkable recovery and did not end up making the aforementioned mistakes that ruined many of these kids lives and often their own families lives as well. However, the percentage of children that got themselves out of ‘divorce mode’ is shockingly low.

Disclaimer: This video is only for informational and educational purposes and should not be considered therapy or any form of treatment.