Review of the Self Authoring Suite by Jordan Peterson

Author: tanbay

Description: This is a detailed review and guide for the #SelfAuthoringSuite by #JordanPeterson. In this video I'm going to try and help you decide whether this series of online writing programs is right for you or not. Here is the official website: Check out the official YouTube Channel of Jordan B Peterson here:

Here is the official introduction video for the Self Authoring Suite:

This video of my #SelfAuthoringReview features several key points:

0:23 - 2:36 What is the Self Authoring Suite and why is it important?
2:37 - 4:51 Is it right for you?
4:52 - 9:21 Step-by-step walkthrough of the program
5:54 - 6:50 #SelfAuthoringCoupon
9:22 - 11:28 Results of the Self Authoring Program

At the end of the video I also mention a TEDx talk by Jordan Peterson called 'the Reality of Potential', if you haven't seen this talk yet you should check it out: If you're new to this channel, subscribe:

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored video, I'm not affiliated with the products and this video is not a political statement.