Parenting Series : 65 || Create fund for their post graduation stage

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##### _Hi friends, how are you all? You are welcomed to my video series. Yaa, it about parenting issues. I am conducting this vlog series to share with you different aspects related to parenting. It's my pleasure that I am experiencing some great responses from you about these vlogs. Even I am also learning many things through this journey. Let's have another episode of this parenting series.._


# Today's Topics - Create savings for their post graduation stage

This is the 65th episode of my continuous #ParentingSeries. I am now on the part-07 of my series vlog where I am discussing about *Post Graduation Level* issues.

And today I am going to share with you about creating savings for their post graduation stage.

At the post-graduation level, the students think about their profession. Somebody think for business, so they feel the need of money to start business.

Some others think for doing some jobs. They also need some money, for preparing of recruitment exams, like coaching, purchasing materials, applying for job and participating on exam etc.

Some few others try for going abroad, they also need money for IELTS, GRE and visa-passport processing cost.

So they need money for different purposes. That's why you should have some fund for your prost graduation level child.

How can you plan & manage this fund, this is our today's discussion topics.

So let's have the video and get some idea about theis issues in details.
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