new r&d kit unboxing, a busy january!

Author: teamhumble

Description: i don't know about you but my january of 2021 has been busy, it's been difficult to have much time for anything vlog wise and daily video making. I'm either straight into "asset" creation or maybe layout stuff for obs, i'm literally rise and grind mode at the moment. I've got a few things i want to build out before the new mac stuff comes next month.

I did get a package thou sent to me from a project that is finally happening. Mainly so i can test out a few things regarding performance and general heat issues and concerns, looking at all the new hardware that is out there on the marketplace, i'm very interested to get raspberry stuff working with the new thermal cases and m2.ssd support -- that feels like a very capable machine for just a few hundred that can become a "social" hub standalone while i'm actually working on the graphics, video and output side.

i've got a lot of reviewing and writing to get done this week, last week of the month, going into feb i hope have a majority of it finished and that we can move to the next step after that, deploying and communicating what is required, advising remote techs, giving them a good breakdown of installing, updating, repairing if needed and then it's the media and asset building grind.

I still get time for my daily tiktok gorging thou, kinda enjoying being in lockdown if i'm honest, it's not like i've not got like loads to do, which is crazy, if i had nothing to do i guess i'd be bored outta my mind!

onwards and upwards! :)
what hardware projects are you working on at the moment?