stake your claim, claim your stake with BSV!

Author: teamhumble

Description: I've been getting a lot of love for my coverage of my exploring around in all things BSV land! (and yes, i know that btc logo is probably wrong on the thumbnail, give me a break, it's monday morning pre-coffee!)

i had this title floating around my head all weekend about "staking your claim and claiming your stake" -- it ended up as a twenty minute kinda rant about what a day to day life of digital utility token usage might look like for a remote worker, working as a digital advocate in crypto land, mainly from the perspective as a content creator.

from changing our habits and behaviours of allowing centralised platforms to make money from selling (or leaking) our data to taking back control over our interactions and being incentivised for our involvement in a greater good as a series of digital nodes moving forward together.

of all the "chains" i've used so far i've gotta say the feedback and kindness shown to me by the BSV community has been great. You never know where your tribe will come from and i believe you can be part of many tribes, especially ones that cross over and lift up the other by using the best in class part of each.

i'd love to see siasky/skynet/sia for instance integrated as the storage medium on resilio (think clone instagram powered by bsv)

and that's the wonderful thing about crypto currency right, crypto tokens is that you can purchase, earn your way in, earn your stake in these platforms, in the direction they go, offer your time, skills and thoughts and actually use these tools and their utility in your day to day digital lives.

the fact that BSV has some incredibly clean UI/UX applications, has a lot of little BSV powered dapps floating around, has insanely low fees and near instant delivery time, even if you don't want to keep your BSV, you can easily send to other wallets and platforms to buy STAKE in other chains you like, it's up to you, you are in control.

That's what get's me excited about the "digital agency" part of crypto, the ability to own your own data, that it's not got ads wrapped around it, that i manage the keys to that identity, that i can move away from the in-efficiency of the inserted middleman that takes a little off the top and slows down the experience.

It's about controlling your experience with tools that require you to stake a little bit, but that ultimately allow you to claim back on that stake!

let's be just less passive nodes and actually become actualised digital workers, we might not be able to work the land, but we can cultivate the code bases and trim the flat, clean, lean, mean ass crypto machine! :)

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