mmhmm vlog | jumping busy into 2021

Author: teamhumble

Description: #mmhmm #vlog #influencer #shitposter #crypto #decentralized

i'm gonna be working with, and for the next three months as an influencer and shitposter! (there job title, which tbh, in this space, kinda rocks) -- i've got some freebie stuff for you guys, you can use the promo code Phil10 and get yaself some free crypto (about $20 worth) if you get verified over on -- we split my influencer fee down the middle s -- put in Phil10 and verify and get $20 of crypto ftw. -- a decentralised job market, get paid in crypto - do your global invoicing for your employees in crypto -- a plasma based hybrid exchange

all three same company, russian company registered and working in australia! i'm afraid my US friends cannot get in on this, just EU and everywhere else at the moment (don't blame me, blame weird crypto movements in the US legislation!)

Also talked about crazy ass GAS prices right now, like, is this the ETH world we were promised? will ETH2 make this better? i'd love to know, so let me know in the comments.

Finally upgrading to new equipment next month so we can get back to daily video, course making and podcasting again, it's been nearly a decade but i really need to upgrade now i think :)

Also talking lockdown 3 zoom calls, EU grant funding projects, raspberry pi 4 research, youtube monetisation around the corner, building up and promoting dtube on tiktok and other projects like SEEDS that i'll be using in 2021. . ..

Mouser x