Announcing the Avalon block explorer

Author: techcoderx

Description: Say hello to DBlocks, the Avalon block explorer that most of us have been looking for, which I have been working on for the last 6 days. Built with Bootstrap library, it is a single page application that can be served from anywhere including IPFS and Skynet.

Live instance:
Github repository:
Github releases:

### v1.0 release
IPFS hash (CID v0): QmeRxftYqJqd6d8hF9ioAgx5YfGB34K1ooBScpC6Hndouy
IPFS hash (CID v1): bafybeibxdtbcrqsyy7alpjk3xqkpbucj2dwgcdj527rif5qjne6nf7mphm
Skylink: fAGDYvcRHMFB3XOORI2UJmpupnBOzJWp5OruSbwreMDdaw

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