DTube Rewind 2019: Trends that actually matter

Author: techcoderx

Description: It's the end of the year, which means it is the time where we take a look at everything that is trending on DTube this year. DTube Rewind is a compilation of all things trending on the platform for the year, just like YouTube Rewind but more relevant and less boring.

70% of all STEEM post rewards will be distributed to featured creators in the video, proportionate to duration.

Featured creators:
@adetorrent @alokkumar121 @ashtv @atnazo @bitrocker2020 @buttcoins @certain @chesatochi @clove71 @coruscate @d00k13 @dirapa @dragonblades @dtube.forum @elsiekjay @emiliomorles @emsonic @enjoyinglife @flaxz @freecrypto @gaborockstar @hafizullah @hauptmann @intrepidsurfer @ivansnz @joannewong @jodipamungkas @jongolson @joythewanderer @knowhow92 @larsito @mattsanthonyit @mvd @mytechtrail @nonsowrites @old-guy-photos @pixiepost @prettynicevideo @priyanarc @rem-steem @romafedorov @scottcbusiness @sergiomendes @tanbay @taskmaster4450 @tibfox @vincy @walterprofe @xr-hammergaming @yanirauseche

Also mentioned/appeared in the video (these accounts will not be part of the reward distribution):
@nathanmars @heimindanger @dcontest @teamhumble

**All footages are used with permission.**

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