8 Reasons Rolex Is The Best Luxury Watch Brand & Why I'm Buying Another One

Author: theurbangentry

Description: Today’s video is something of a Rolex special. With the 5th year anniversary of the channel on the horizon, I’ve decided to buy yet another Rolex to commemorate the event.

This decision got me thinking: Why Rolex? Why is it such a powerful, alluring, and compelling brand? Why is it held in the highest of regards? What’s all the fuss about? Is it all hype, and what really makes Rolex tick?

In this episode I am joined by the legendary Sir Sean Connery to discuss the acclaimed brand and seek out answers to all of these questions and more. Also included in this special episode is a surprise call from the one and only Hugo Mountbatten. Join me as I share 8 definitive reasons why I think Rolex is the best luxury watch brand in the world!

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