Why YOU Should Own A Dive Watch + 6 Best Winter/Spring Casual Jackets

Author: theurbangentry

Description: Today’s video explores my love for dive watches and why everyone should consider owning one. I also share my top 6 essential casual jackets for autumn, winter, and spring. We’ll take a look at some highly underrated brands that make some of the best quality outerwear designed to protect you from the elements while still looking dapper.

When it comes to casual, outdoorsy looks and dive watches, I have to mention my on-screen inspirations, ranging from Jack Bauer‘s military mode, to James Bond’s Rolex, to Ethan Hunt’s sporty style.

Finally, I highlight the everyday benefits of my Tudor Submariner and give some insight into a challenging question indeed! If I could own just one type of watch, what would it be? Join me for a walk through the stunning autumnal splendor of Philadelphia as we talk watches and some serious Gentry must haves! Perhaps you’ll be inspired to add a few items to your holiday wishlist!

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