5 Years Later With My Favourite $200 Seiko - A History & Review Of The FlightMaster SNA411

Author: theurbangentry

Description: In the early days of the Urban Gentry channel I took a look at the Seiko Flightmaster SNA411 and described it as one of the best chronograph beater watches under $200. Over 5 years have passed with this watch in my collection and my fondness for this watch has only grown.

Why is it such a compelling watch among the Gentry?
How did its design come to be?
How has my perception changed during this long love affair with the now legendary "Flighty"?
Is it still the best watch under $200?

Today I aim to answer all of these questions. I discuss this feature rich piece in depth, with a look at the history of the watch, and give it a long overdue re-review. Join me in celebrating this beloved watch and ultimately see if it is still worth buying after all this time.

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