The Urban Gentry - 2019 Trailer - From London To NYC & Beyond!

Author: theurbangentry

Description: My name is TGV and welcome to The Urban Gentry.

My mission for 2019 and beyond is to share my enjoyment of horology worldwide. Horology encompasses far more than wrist watches functioning as mere fashion accessories. It is part of the crucial history of human civilization and time itself, which is our most precious commodity in life.

I invite you to become part of the Gentry and join us on this rewarding journey of learning, incredible discovery, and above all fun!

The Gentry are not your typical watch enthusiasts or YouTube viewers. The Gentry is a lifestyle, a commonwealth of friendship with like minded people from across the globe and of many different backgrounds. We are bonded and united together by respect, the admiration and passion for wristwatches, and the story of horology.

With unbiased reviews, weekly vlogs, and camaraderie within our independent watch enthusiast community, it's time you became part of the Gentry today!

Onwards and upwards.

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