Rolex vs Tudor Submariner Watch & Behind The Scenes 2021 War Room Tour

Author: theurbangentry

Description: Today I share a behind-the-scenes tour of my latest War Room upgrades, a new Tudor for my collection, and thoughts on my favourite Rolex and Tudor Submariner watches.

We'll take a look at some collectable diecast airplanes, Lego sets, movies, antiques, must-have man cave accessories and tech. And we'll talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Rolex vs Tudor vintage Submariners like my current 79190. I also discuss my latest watch crush on the Rolex Submariner 16613 in blue, my watch collection goals, and the reason for my obsession with two-tone watches like the Datejust 16233 and Day-Date complications—like my Rolex "President" 18238 and Tudor Prince Date-Day 76213.

Join me for a fun look at the 2021 War Room, some very Urban Gentry watch collecting talk, and a special appearance from the sometimes devilish Hugo Mountbatten.

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