Don't Get Ripped Off - A Guide To 10 Things You Should Avoid When Buying Pre-Owned & Vintage Watches

Author: theurbangentry

Description: Today's video is a buyer's guide to pre-owned, used, and vintage watches on Ebay, Chrono24, watch forums, and even social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Alarmingly, there's a multitude of risky deals, shady dealers, scams, and watches out there that should be avoided. However, there is an upside! Hunting for that bargain watch can be extremely fun, educational, and rewarding. The online world can simultaneously be a treasure trove of amazing watches and a dangerous minefield. All that is needed is a little knowledge of what to look for to lessen the gamble, so today I've put together my top 10 list of things I avoid and personally look out for when tracking down my next timepiece.

No matter if your budget is just a few bucks or you are looking for that grail Rolex, this is an essential video for the good Gentry. Please share any tips, helpful tricks, and golden nuggets you have to further assist those just getting into this wonderfully enjoyable hobby.

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