10 Essential Accessories & Tools Every Watch Enthusiast Should Buy + A Sneak Peek At My New Citizen

Author: theurbangentry

Description: Today I'm back in the War Room to share 10 things I believe every watch enthusiast should consider owning to compliment their watch collection. No matter if you are a 1-watch person or have an extensive line up of timepieces, you will undoubtedly find something here useful, and the best thing is that most of these items make great gifts too. In this video I also share a sneak peek at one of my latest acquisitions, a stunning and rare yacht timer from Citizen.

1. A spring bar tool. I recommend and use the Bergeon 6767-F:

2. A watch case for storage and transport. I recommend and use Colareb:

3. Watch Straps. For the best selection and quality, check out Holbens:
For Nato straps I recommend Wrist Candy Watch Club:
Check out the last strap review video here:

4. A beater watch. I recommend a Casio G-Shock:

5. Books. For some great titles to start your own collection check out the following:
- 50 Watches that Changed the World by Alex Newson
- The Rolex Story by Franz-Christoph Heel
- Longitude by Dava Sobel
- A Connoisseur's Guide to Antique Clocks & Watches by Ronald Pearsall
- Swatch: A Guide for Connoisseurs and Collectors by Franck B. Edwards

6. A reference device to check the accuracy of your watches. I use a Casio Pro-Trek PRW-3100Y-1BCR with atomic time keeping via multi-band 6:

7. For a collection tracker, I recommend Snupps, and to view my current watch collection click here:

8. A watchmakers screw driver set:

9. To polish your watches and keep them shiny I recommend Cape Cod, and to view my video on how to use it click here:

10. For watch winders I use the following:


11. To de-magnetise your watch, check out this video:

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