Who won & how you can win STEEM?!

Author: tibfox

Description: ## Hey there!
I am 3 days late with the winner announcement of [this awesome & innovate contest](https://steemit.com/partiko/@tibfox/join-this-super-innovative-contest-to-win-20-steem-9ptkwyu8) and even if I am on a business travel and loving in a hotel, I got it done!

Of course I don't wanna spoiler the winner but as I can say those steemians got mentioned in this video:
@edje @yestermorrow @yidneth @greencross @crimsonclad @helpie @mammasitta @paintingangels @isaria

### So one of them is the lucky winner!

I used [Picker](https://pick.esteem.ws) for the determination process and it worked fine (after I enabled my WiFi lol) and steemworld.org by @steemchiller to check the accomplished requirements.

Thanks to all participants and good luck with .y current running contest about your favourite video gear!
## 1. Record & edit a video
about your favourite video gear

2. upload it to D.tube

3. Use the tag #myfavouritetool

DEADLINE: 10th July 2019 - 9pm UTC

## Peace!

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