Author: tibfox

Description: ## Hey there! Awesome that you are here!

I share some random updates in this video. I would love to get in touch with you over my comment section yo!!

I have created that crazy intro in blender 2.8 - still learning the basics but I am kind of proud of myself :P If you want me to create an intro for you - just let me know!

I have purchased Davinci Resolve Studio a few days ago because I love the program, wanna support the creators and I wanted to have all effects and tweaks! A review is coming up soon.
If you want me to edit your video just let me know as well! That could refinance the license a bit for me :)

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If you are wondering about "Dtube" or "Steem", feel free to check https://steem.com and https://d.tube or just ask me anything about those platforms (where you earn crypto with content and other interactions like upvotes & comments from the first minute on)!

Thanks for watching - I really appreciate your time!


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