DTUBE - earning the rewards YOU deserve!

Author: tibfox

Description: The majority of you all know this:
You've worked on a video with a lot of effort and you are really proud about this new creation but after the upload, nobody is commenting on your video? And because you don't fulfill the YouTube requirements regarding minimum watch time to earn a cent for it?

Then you should check out DTube and the Steem Blockchain!

There you can earn crypto rewards already with your first post and this crypto is tradeable on several exchanges for real money!

In this video I am showcasing DTube to you, go through the DTube account creation and upload the first video while explaining the foundations about this platform.

You can create your free Steem account on e.g. https://steemit.com but if you want to have a fully anonymous account for the Steem Blockchain feel free to contact me. If you already have your Steem account and want to create a DTube account within Q4 2019 go here: https://d.tube/onboarding

I also show you the app https://steemglider.app where you can find every steem related site and dApp in one spot.

Thanks for watching - I really appreciate your time!


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