Introducing Myself as Your Avalon Node Leader

Author: tibfox

Description: ## How it all started over 2 years ago
More than two years ago I have started my own @dtube channel on the steem blockchain back in the days. My first videos have been german videos about my 3d printer but I have too many interests to be fixed to one topic: gardening, crafting, making music, coding, cooking and since my signup on dtube also our amazing community.

I quickly fell into the thrive or better let me say adiction to create content on a regular basis. In the beginning driven by the rewards but later on more and more to get in contact, to have a voice and to share my perspective on various onchain and offchain things. For a long time I have uploaded 5 or more videos per week and gained much knowledge in video production, editing and being confidence in front of a camera.

Today I am not producing that many videos anymore but I am still active within the community and contribute my part to our platform on a daily basis.

## Now - 2 years later it's time to introduce me as an Avalon node leader node to you!

- I am currently one of the top 5 node leaders
- I recently have opened an api node
- Starting to do some analytics about dtube for you
- I have started to learn JS to code for dtube
- I am active for a few months as [discord]( and [telegram]( admin for dtube

## Why is this important for you?
Avalon is a decentralized blockchain maintained by many witnesses - or on dtube "node leaders" called. It is important to have witnesses in the top 10 **you know and you trust** because they are mining the blocks you put your content in. Also all of the witnesses are building the consensus - so we agree about the correct state of data. Additional to this the top 10 witnesses decide about economics of the chain and other important stuff. So voting for a chain leader is as important as voting for your president in my opinion.

Most of us have seen what happened to steem a few months back and we don't want this to happen to dtube as well. **So please go and vote for people you know and much better trust.**

I am absolutely focused to boost the community, set a fire of engagement under videos, to show appreciation for the effort creators are putting in their videos and to have a blockchain with equal chances for everyone. My goal has always been to have fun with the community over making money with rewards or fishy deals.

## This is just a start - more to come!
I am planing to do much more for the dtube community in the next weeks (for example **FAQ videos about dtube and it's main features**) and I would like to ask for your support! If you want to save my spot in the top 5 of the leader board, please consider voting for me as a node leader:!/election

If you have issues with dtube / the airdrop / anything else, feel free to report a bug/feature on the official github of dtube:

Or you can ask others and the team via:

Thank you for being here, reading until here and for watching my video. I wish you a great day and hope to see you back soon, my friend!

## Peace!