Episode 1 - The Foundation (Setting Up Local Network Storage)

Author: underground17

Description: How to setup a locally accessible fileserver using FreeNAS as the foundation to a future Internet accessible FreeNAS fileserver.

At one point I referred to a "DHCP Server" as a "DHCP router". This was a mistake on my part. I have shamed my family, myself, and my cow.

Windows 10 doesn't always play nice with SMB shares so you may have to go into "Turn Windows features on or off" and manually turn on SMB 1.0 in order to have access to your FreeNAS server in the manner described in this video. However, my laptop does not have SMB 1.0 turned on and I'm able to connect to my server both over the Internet and locally.

Just to reiterate, this video is about setting up locally accessible data storage. A future video will handle adding Internet accessibility to your server.

"Google Sells User Data"
Note that, of course, Google states, ""Google will never sell any personal information to third parties; and you get to decide how your information is used." - Sundar Pichai". My default assumption is that anytime a representative of a collective makes that claim, they're lying, whether it be a company, a government, or a family. I admit that some of this might simply be that I distrust collectives in general. With that said, some people and groups are trustworthy, or at least more trustworthy than others, it's just... far too easy to lie about how someone manages user data, especially once an organization gets large enough that it doesn't have to worry as much about privacy minded people leaving for some other provider.

"Google Deletes User Data From Google Drive"
In the middle of the article, this is what's relevant regarding Google Drive and the removal of user content:
"Google took down the Drive file featuring the movie after the company was contacted by The Post."

Note that the above article has a strong bias that some of you may agree with while others may not agree with it. In the context of this channel, I don't care about those sorts of biases. What I care about is that user data is policed (deleted). If you support that article's bias, then hopefully you're intelligent enough to realize that, if they delete something you support the removal of, perhaps it's just a matter of time before they delete something you don't support the removal of. If you don't support that article's bias, then hopefully if shouldn't be too hard to realize that the best person to trust with the storage of your data might very well be you, not someone else. Either way, hopefully you'll be able to learn from this channel and be able to better provide services for yourself so large organizations, such as Google, don't have as much control over your life and what you can share or have access to.

FreeNAS 11.3-U5 Download:

Rufus 3.13 Download: