MCP 7-11 April 2008 Rothschild controlled the USA when the Fed Res Act was passed, “H”, Israel

Author: vasili111

Description: Sephardic Rabbit Yosef says ‘it’s permissible to kill anyone who thinks evil thoughts about yeshiva students.’
Jews state that the word “SHIT” is a holy word.

20080411 - The Piper Report - Israeli Position in Middle East Conflict and Lobby in Washington, D.C. 9 jewish nursing home gets $2 million and ……, 17 Crown family Chicago, Obama’s backers include Spielberg & many wealthy jews, 21 Jimmy Carter will meet with Hamas, 23 UN was set up as a straw man meanwhile the Rothschild criminal family proceed with their conquering, 35 the Babylonian Talmud

20080410 - The Piper Report – guest Former Army Special Forces Captain Joe Cortina – very good vg show, details of jewish criminals in the military, (is gone)
40 Book The Conflict Of The Church And The Synagogue by James Parkes

20080409 - The Piper Report – book “Holocaust...” states that the word “SHIT” is a holy word, 6 911 William Rodriguez the hero documentary “Last Man Out”, 18 Morman church polygamy, 20 China was being armed by Israel, 26 Russia is a threat to NWO, 1 minute membership in JBS, 42 Holocaust Simon Wiesenthal Award – Simon claimed that he could not work in the concentration camp due to a rock being dropped on his toe & he was in hospital,

Holocaust_ Religious and Philosophical Implications - Michael Berenbaum, John K. Roth

20080408 - The Piper Report - Israeli Lobby Supporters 2019 Influence on Republicans-Democrats, and the Presidential Candidates – 6 Uni of Chicago Press 2001 Prof Nadia Abu Al-Haj book ‘Facts on the ground: Archaeological practice and territorial self-fashioning in Israeli society.” 9 movie “Columbia Unbecoming” = jewish lies about University anti-Semitism, quote by jew “There is no thing as a jewish vote, but there is an Israel Vote”, 15 Israeli Knesset found that 76% of jews support GENOCIDE,

A Jew Tells How Nasty The Jews Are - David Sheen
Confirms 98% of Israeli jews support genocide.

The Genealogical Science The Search for Jewish Origins and the Politics of Epistemology by Nadia Abu El-Haj
Facts on the Ground Archaeological Practice and Territorial Self-Fashioning in Israeli Society by Nadia Abu El-Haj

17 some good Rabbit quotes revealing how mentally messed up they are, Chief Sephardic jew Rabbit says tsunami is divine punishment for Asian governments going against Israel, Sephardic Rabbit Yosef says ‘it’s permissible to kill anyone who thinks evil thoughts about yeshiva students.’
24:15 Jane Fonda would not protest against Israel, 32 USA lost its sovereignty in 1913 when the Federal Reserve system was created and the Rothschild took control of the USA

20080407 - The Piper Report - Guest Host, Mark Glenn (should be heard with Ben Klassen book) – The Old Testament, 32 Old T written by Jewish Rabbits in Alexandria 350 Building Commission, New Testament written by Greeks 350 AD,
Nature’s Eternal Religion by Ben Klassen 1973

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