[Mr. Spacely PLAYS] SCUM - (Optimization patch) Patch notes! #excited

Author: whack.science

Description: Hello gamers!

I am playing SCUM lately too much and since the day is still in development, it was a bit laggy buggy and there was a lot of frame drops in-game which led to a lot of players being annoyed.

Today is the day a lot of us have been waiting for. An optimization patch was released which led to a great frames stabilization and smoothness of the game.

I tried the game later a bit and I got 20 fps more than before. I can say SCUM is running way better now but I still need to go to some interest points on the map to see if I will have frame drops.

Unfortunately, they lowered the damage an arrow does to palisades and now it's a lot harder to raid the bases.

Expect more SCUM videos soon and enjoy this one as it brings a lot to the game! Oh, and a compass too :)

Peace yo,

Mr. Spacely