Digital dollars will be deleted for the benefit of “all” (The Poor, The Economy, the Elderly, the Disabled, etc…).

Author: yellowgenius19

Description: Currently Your accounts at the bank have no money in them (they are all just i.o.u.s.) if a decent number of people pull out money from their accounts the bank does not have enough funds to pay out the I.O.U.s. You put your “money’ in the bank it is no longer legally yours (you have basically loaned the bank the funds, you no longer have 100% control of it). The bank makes money off of the funds you’re loaning to them and not paying you really any interest.

If you don’t think the government can/will take your dollars, ask yourself: if 7 months ago did you think the government would shut down most businesses, churches and cancel all events (public and private), put people on house arrest (they call it quarentine [that’s only for the sick — not the healthy [that’s house arrest]).