How can I report a bug ?

Bug reporting is an important aspect of Software Testing. An effective Bug report communicates well with the development team and avoids confusion or miscommunication.If you find a bug and want to report it. First you need to find correct repository but if you don't know that you can report a bug from here and leave your ideas about problems with creating an issue.

How to report a bug effectively ?

A good bug report should be clear and concise without any missing key points. First you need to elloborate the bug you faced and please try to give any information that might help us to reproduce the bug. You should always add links, screenshots, or link to the problematic videos in the issues if you think it will help us to understand the bug better. Remember with more information we can solve the issues faster.

How can I suggest new features ?

To suggest new features, it's usually better to come on the discord server (#suggestions channel) and discuss it with the repo maintainers before creating an issue for it on GitHub. Thank you!

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