How do I use D.Tube?

If you want to give likes, write comments or upload your own videos, you need a Dtube account. In order to create an account go to account creation page and follow the registration steps. Once your account is open, you can login to D.Tube by entering the username and your private key and you can also login to your Hive or Steem account to benefit from interoperability features of Dtube. You can either login with Keychain or private key. Inorder to find your private key you can follow these steps.

Attention: The key that is shown before you clicked on SHOW PRIVATE KEY (3) is just a placeholder.

You can login with Dtube/Hive/Steem accounts and easily navigate between them.

Uploading a Video

There are 3 upload methods which Dtube provides for video uploads. Each individual upload method serves to a different purpose

Peer-to-peer is best upload method for resillience and anonymity. You need to choose a peer-to-peer protocol between BTFS , Skynet and IPFS and use your source video hash to upload to Dtube.

Third Party Url is easiest way to add a video to Dtube its mostly reccomended for users who already have been creating content to the other platforms and benefit from Dtube and also if you want to share a non-original content on Dtube this is the reccomended way, because it will r eward the original creator registered on these 3rd party websites. You can currently use Twitch, Youtube, Dailymotion, Instagram, Liveleak, Viemo, Facebook Url's to add a video to Dtube.

File Upload is a good method for uploading small and simple files. It is a free video upload service provided by Dtube. All the files get stored on a decentralized network. Just choose and upload server and you can start uploading your file.

Announcing Dtube Partnership Program

Are you a content creator? We want you on Dtube! Check out our new partnership program.