How does token economy works ?

DTC is a utility token created to serve best to video content creators , you can use it to post, vote or tag and promote videos on Dtube platform. You can hold your DTC to generate VP (Voting Power). Each unit of DTC produces for its holder +1 unit of VP per hour You can spend your VP by tagging some content or use it to curate others content to get DTC from curation rewards, the more VP spent on these actions will generate more and it will have more impact on content exposure You can also burn DTC to promote your videos all the DTC used in this process will be burned which means it will be deleted from the circulating supply and it will increase the scarcity of DTC. Promoting content will provide more exposure and that may lead to getting more rewards on the video - if it is proved to be a successful piece of content.

Curation and reward mechanics

You earn rewards by curating or getting curated, there are 3 important indicators in this game. How many people voted before and after you, time passed after published content and the amount of VT you spend to vote. You can generate rewards in Dtube without any time boundries, however inbetween 1 and 3.5 days after publication period you get double curation rewards which makes it most optimal time to curate video content. The important part is the votes you receive after your vote if community decides its a good content and votes it before you the rewards you earn increases.The more VT you spend on a vote generates more DTC.

You can claim your rewards whenever you want

After 7 days period you can either wait your curation or video content to generate more rewards or you can click claim from rewards page, however when you click claim you won't be able to generate infinite rewards for that vote or content. This 7 day period is really essential for healthy economy and it gives opportunity to community to act to bad actors with downvotes. Downvotes is a great way for community to moderate content and you can delete rewards from the most recent upvoters with a downvote.

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