What is a leader?

Leaders are the backbone of the DTube project. Leaders run the node server that powers the blockchain where all the dtube accounts exist. Their primary objective is to keep producing blocks in a continuous manner (1 block / 3 sec) and serve the data of the blockchain to the users (through the Avalon API). They store the entire blockchain data and commonly produce blocks through a consensus mechanism.

How to vote leaders

You can vote a leader you desire from Leaders segment and you will see an election page. All you have to do is search the leader you want to vote from list or if they are not on the list you can vote by typing their name down bottom.

You can vote for up to 5 leaders, however voting for multiple leaders will spread your stake between them.

How to become a leader

You can become a leader by running an Avalon node, and receving enough leader votes to put you into the most highly voted users. Feel free to join the #leaders-candidates on the discord to communicate with other established leaders and get started faster!

Do leaders earn anything?

Yes, leaders currently earn 0.01 DTC for each produced block, as well as +500 VP straight into their account power.

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