What Voting Power?

Voting power (VP) is the unit used for voting on videos, and ranking them. A video with more total VP on its upvotes will rank higher in hot and trending categories.

How is VP generated?

VP generates off your DTC balance, at the rate of +1 VP / DTC / hour.

Unlike Steem or Hive, your VP on DTube has no limit and will keep growing even if your account is inactive.

How is VP spent?

VP is spent anytime you publish a new video, upvote/downvote a video, comment on a video, upvote/downvote a comment. A moving slider will ask you for a % of your available voting power to spend on the current vote.

Voting at 100% will spend all your available power, so if you want to vote frequently on videos, it's a better idea to vote for lower amounts such as 5, 10, or 20%.

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